Vine Before 9: John Scares The Office

Creeper John

Introducing Vine Before Nine 7-25-13

We put John on the task of scaring the office. It seems that Julie became the easy target this morning!

In Vine #1, he hid below the window to catch her coming in the studio.

In Vine #2, John stalked the host of a morning show on our sister station.

In Vine #3, John once again gets Julie with Tony’s help.

Unfortunately, the fourth and final Vine scaring Julie was so good that her reaction is not fit for public consumption.

We had to pull one last scare before we could call it a day. Our poor webgirl Leslie has been waiting for a scare and thought she was in the clear after 9AM passed. Oh no! No, we had to scare her, and it had to be the best one of the morning.

Have a listen to the results of John’s scary antics and the one Vine that we couldn’t put on the web!

Vine Before Nine Reveal 7-25-13


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