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“This Is Why I’m Broke” Is The Coolest Website With The Coolest Toys You Never Knew You Needed

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(Photo Illustration by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

(Photo Illustration by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

We’ve been taken in by a website that John found this morning. ThisIsWhyImBroke.com has the most ridiculous toys, coolest items, and incredible gadgets. We’re all screaming, “Shut up and take my money!!”

We haven’t been able to stop looking at this website all morning! Our wish lists are a mile long after 4 hours of trolling through this site.

Here are a few of the objects we’ve been drooling over all morning:


  • Oreo dipping spoon $3
  • Wall mounted turntable
  • Wine Barrel Bed
  • Motorized floating bumper cars
  • Male Part Egg Mold
  • Human Bowling Ball Game


  • 14k Gold Lego Brick
  • Fish bowl toilet
  • Bubble wrap calendar
  • Zombie Garden Gnomes
  • Sex Panther Cologne


  • Mr. T tea bags $6.40
  • Balding Sticky Notes
  • Gold Pills to poop gold
  • Censorship Towel

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