Serial Flirter Won’t Stop Hitting On A Friend’s Husband

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Serial Flirt 7-24-13

Tony has some friends that have known each other for awhile. They used to hang out as married couples, but now the woman who is now divorced appears to be flirting with the other woman’s husband.¬†While the single woman and the married man have many things in common, like movies, their conversations are increasingly making the wife uncomfortable to the point where she has now asked Tony what she should do.

When Tony asked around the room this morning, the consensus was that the wife should tell the friend to stop flirting with her husband. The friend should recognize that her behavior is inappropriate and should stop before she earns herself the “homewrecker” label.

We had some callers respond this morning, and one who went through this very same situation and has words of warning.

Serial Flirt - Callers 7-24-13


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