Grown Woman Throws Temper Tantrum

(Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

(Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

Epic Adult Temper Tantrum 7-24-13

We’re used to children kicking, screaming, and making all sorts of ruckus when they can’t get their way, but one would think an adult would have grown out of the need to behave in such a manner. Not this woman.

According to Gawker, a husband who was fed up with his 30-year-old wife’s tantrums decided to record video of one that she was having in the car.

The husband had set aside the weekend for getting errands done after working 60 hours that week, but his wife thought going to the lake was more important. When he wouldn’t take her to the lake, she began screaming, crying, kicking, rocking back and forth, and texting her friends about what a big meanie her husband is.

It seems as if this wasn’t the first time she’d thrown a fit. The husband says that she was on probation for a DUI and she’s pulled doors off their hinges before. He moved out and filed a restraining order against her.

This viral video is taking the web by storm despite efforts to yank the video. YouTube and several other sites have pulled the video citing claims of harassment and bullying. For now, Gawker still has the video and you should totally go watch it!

There were some great responses from listeners about this lady going completely unhinged.

Epic Adult Temper Tantrum - Responses 7-24-13


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