Signs You’re Too Old For This Crap

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Signs You're Getting Too Old For This Crap 7-19-13

There comes a point where you’ve just reached the end of your patience for certain things you used to do or tolerate when you were younger. This morning, we’re laughing at this list from Buzzfeed about signs that you’re getting to old for this stuff.

Here’s a sampling of the signs you’re getting too old for this crud.

  • Why on earth would anyone purposefully go to an overcrowded and overpriced bar?
  • That dubstep noise in every song is getting annoying.
  • Mile-long line for food? No, thank you.
  • “Totes obvs” and “amazeballs” do not count as speaking English.
  • Way too old to not have health insurance.
  • Theme parties are lame.
  • So over team building, retreats, and trust falls.

Check out more of these at Buzzfeed.


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