Ladies Claim August For Armpits

(Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

50 Shades of Cray 7-19-13

Guys have Movember and mustaches to raise awareness for testicular cancer, but the ladies are setting their sights on August. According to the UK’s The Independent, organizers for Armpits4August want to raise awareness for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome but growing out their pits.

By allowing underarms to get a little furry, women participating in Armpits4August are showing solidarity with ladies who have PCOS, as one of the symptoms is excessive hair growth. They hope that the campaign will change cultural attitudes towards female body hair.

August seems like the worst month in which to grow out your pits as it is ridiculously hot, especially here in Texas. However, aside from the fun alliterations, August is the best month when armpits are on display. More furry pit sightings means the message gets out.

The Armpits4August campaign seeks to raise money for a charity called Verity which helps those with PCOS. You can find out more about this campaign by visiting their website:


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