Sharknadoes Covered By Insurance

(Photo by CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

50 Shades of Cray 7-16-13

SyFy’s TV movie “Sharknado” took the internet by storm and frenzied our imaginations about whether tornadoes could truly rain down sharks out of a tornado. In case you were thinking “what if”, the folks at Consumer Reports have done the leg work to find out what insurance says about sharknadoes.

According to, in the event that a tornado scoops up a swarm of frenzied sharks and began raining them down upon us, Consumer Reports say┬áthe sharknado attack could be covered under homeowner’s insurance.

“A tornado is a wind event,” Mike Barry, vice president of media relations for Consumer Reports, says. A shark falling out of the sky might be covered under homeowners insurance “as a falling object.”

If a shark fell on your car, as long as you’ve got comprehensive coverage, your car insurance would take care of that. Also, should one of those shark take a bite out of you, your health insurance will take care of the claim.

In case you missed watching SyFy’s “Sharknado” last week, you’ve got a second chance to see what everyone is talking about. ABC News says overwhelming popularity has demanded an encore viewing Thursday at 6PM CST.


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