Drawing Comfort Food Will Boost Your Mood And Curb Your Craving

(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for SW)

(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for SW)

Doodle Food Diet 7-11-13

We all know that diets can be like wandering through a dessert-less desert. Mirages of cupcakes and cookies dance before our eyes, but we can not indulge lest we destroy all our hard work. Researchers may have found our salvation.

Medical Daily reports that drawing our comfort foods can help boost our mood, more so than drawing something healthy. Researchers had subjects draw cupcakes, pizza, strawberries, and peppers on an empty stomach to gauge their hunger, mood, interest, and excitement after drawing for 5 minutes.

Their research found that drawing fatty and sweet foods boosted mood better than bitter foods. Pizza boosted people’s moods by 28%. Cupcakes and strawberries were shown to boost moods by 27% and 22%. Those who drew peppers only elicited a 1% boost in mood.

Perhaps we should start exercising our doodle skills before we reach for the sweet snacks. It’ll be far better to fill your cubicle with cupcake doodles than your “fat pants” with actual cupcakes.

We gave this a try this morning by doodling our favorite foods. It only made us more hungry! Here’s our doodles:

Our Food Doodles

Our Food Doodles


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