VIDEO: 16-Month-Old Swims Across Pool By Herself

Swimming Baby

Kids are amazing, and it’s amazing what they can do with proper training. Elizabeth, a 16-month-old baby, is stunning the internet with her swimming ability. The toddler swam unassisted across a swimming pool.

In the video, you see the baby swim out half way and roll on her back to float and catch a breath. She rolls back over and propels herself back to the wall. She declares that she’s done, and her mom asks if she wants to swim to the stairs on the other side of the pool. She makes it. Later, she jumps in from the side and makes it across in one breath.

Of course, Elizabeth’s parents were close by with watchful eyes. They also happen to be a nurse and a lifeguard trained in CPR and water safety. They say that Elizabeth was trained to swim by “infant swim instructors,” according to

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