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Woman Accidentally Glues Her Mouth Shut

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(Photo by ROLF VENNENBERND/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by ROLF VENNENBERND/AFP/Getty Images)

Somewhere out there is a guy with some peace and quiet for once, and a woman who wishes that she’d checked the label before smearing her lips with what turned out to be glue.

Huffington Post reports that a 64-year-old New Zealand woman, who for obvious reasons wishes to remain anonymous, was fumbling in the dark for an ointment to put on a cold sore. Unfortunately, she grabbed the tube of superglue held in the same drawer as the cold cream.

She realized her mistake not long after when her lips were sealed shut. She tried to call for emergency services, but all she could get out were grunts. The dispatcher did send someone to the woman’s aid after it sounded like she was gagged.

The superglue was eventually removed with paraffin oil at an area hospital. We’re also certain that the woman has since moved the superglue out of the bathroom medicine cabinet.

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