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Damian Nordmann Interprets Zazza & Julie’s Dreams

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John, Tony, Damien Nordman, and Julie

John, Tony, Damian Nordmann, and Julie

Our dream interpreter Damian Nordmann from the School of Metaphysics is back to tell us about our dreams. We had some good ones for him this morning!

Julie starts us off with a recurring dream about her teeth falling out. Her mother used to have this same dream, and now Julie’s daughters are beginning to have it as well.

Damian says this is a classic and common dream that many people have. Food represents knowledge and our teeth is where we begin to assimilate our food. Dreaming about teeth falling out means that maybe you’ve had information overload or you weren’t able to fully gain the knowledge you needed. Maybe you were learning on the fly like a trial by fire.

Tony hasn’t had a recurring dream, per-say , but four or five times in dreams that tend to be kinda vague, there will be this vivid, brightly colored tropical bird.

Damian says that animals in our dreams represent habits. Birds are unique in that they are the only animals that can fly, so they represent subconscious habits, thought forms, or permanent understandings. The bright colors indicate that your mind wants to draw attention to it.

John’s dream was an interesting narrative. He was at a party where they found a bomb. It had two liquids that were mixing together, so he took the bomb and got in his car to drive away. He stopped at a McDonalds along the way to eat before continuing to drive out of town. He found a gorge outside of town, and he drove down to the bottom to leave the bomb. He drove away, and the last thing that happened was the bomb exploding.

Damien says that bombs indicate change in our lives. The fact that it didn’t blow up until the end means that it indicated an impending sense of out of control change. Going back to the food for knowledge, stopping at McDonalds means you stopped to gather knowledge about the change that is coming before you proceed.

Check out the dreams that Damian interpreted for our listeners this morning!

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