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World Renowned Psychic Victoria Bullis Gives Birthday Revelations To Zazza & Julie

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(Photo by LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s birthday week! We celebrated Tony’s birthday yesterday and Julie’s birthday is coming up on Sunday. This morning, world renowned psychic Victoria Bullis did a reading over the phone and dropped some interesting revelations about Tony & Julie’s history.

It’s no secret that Tony & Julie have worked together before in their 15 years in Dallas radio, but Victoria revealed that their history stretches back over many lifetimes. They’ve been married. They’ve been friends. They’ve been in convents together. They owned a horse ranch and vineyard in Brazil or Argentina, which explained why they love wine. They’ve also killed each other more than a few times. Yikes!

interesting tale that Victoria shared was that Julie was the captain of a ship in Greece. In her captain life, she was kind but arrogant captain that everyone resented. Captain Julie took Tony under her wing and told him many secrets, including one about a shipment of gold from Alexandria, Egypt. Julie was going to give some to Tony so he could own his own fleet of ships. Rather than take the gold, Tony stabbed Julie in the back. Ack!

In happier tales, Victoria says that Tony was a ruler or king near Portsmouth, England. Julie was his wife whom was married off from her family in France or Italy.

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