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Worst Proposal Guy Reveals What Happened

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(Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

(Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

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We’ve been following the saga of the Worst Proposal Idea Ever. Tony’s friend Aaron flew his family, his girlfriend of two years, and her family out to Hawaii last Thursday. Friday night, he proposed to her and dropped a bomb that the wedding was all planned out and ready to go for Saturday. Aaron told Tony that he was so dead set that he’d walk if his girlfriend didn’t want to get married the next day.

This morning, we finally found out what happened in Hawaii.

After a day of phone tag and suspense, we got a hold of Aaron this morning. He revealed that his girlfriend said yes when he proposed. He let it hang in the air for 15 minutes before he made the announcement that the wedding would be the following day.

His girlfriend said that it was ridiculous, and Aaron walked.

He told us that he grabbed his bags and went straight to the airport, abandoning his fiance and both families in Hawaii. He spent the night in the airport waiting for the next flight home.

The news is bittersweet as this was a result that was easy to see coming from a mile off, but the reality is heartbreaking for all involved.

As we’ve all been on the edges of our seats for this saga to play out, our phones lit up with listener reactions to the result of the worst proposal idea ever.

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