Worst Proposal Guy Heads To Hawaii

(Photo by PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Worst Proposal Guy - Voicemail

Well, this is the weekend it either all goes down or all goes wrong for Tony’s friend. Worst Proposal Idea Guy is in Hawaii and tonight is the night he proposes. Will he get married tomorrow as planned, or will he dump the poor woman if she even twitches in hesitation?

A little recap, Tony’s friend Aaron has invited both his and his girlfriend’s families to join them for a vacation in Hawaii. Tonight, he plans to propose to his girlfriend. Then he’s going to drop the bomb on them all, telling his hopefully-fiance and both families that he has planned the entire wedding and it’s tomorrow. The caveat is that should the girl say yes to the ring but want to wait on the wedding, he’s dumping her. We’ll find out Monday how it all goes down.

This morning, Tony played us a voicemail from Aaron. He told Tony that he was heading to Hawaii. He also included a little zinger to those of us following along about the rings.


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