Bigfoot Relative Caught On Camera

A Florida man has posted a video of what he claims is a Skunk Ape, the southern U.S. cousin of Bigfoot.

According to Huffington Post, Mike Falconer pulled over on the side of a road in Myakka State Park back in March because he thought he saw something walking through a field of tall grass. Others pull off the road as well to pull out cameras and document what all believe to be an elusive Skunk Ape. Falconer and his son can be seen chasing something through the field before he cuts the video in order to snap a picture of a dark figure retreating towards the trees.

Falconer admits he wasn’t searching for the fabled creature when he stopped, which is why the video and photographs were captured on his iPhone 4S. He says that he plans to carry a better camera with him in case that he comes across the Skunk Ape again.

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