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She Mail: Romance Fouled By Boyfriend’s Farting

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She Mail Julie Fisk is here to help. If you’ve need advice or want us to hash out a problem on the air for you, let Julie share some of her wisdom. Here is this morning’s question:

Dear Julie,
OK, there’s no delicate way to say this so I’m just going to throw it out there. My boyfriend farts when we are being intimate. I don’t know if he’s aware that he’s doing it, or maybe he doesn’t notice it. I just know that I HATE it. I haven’t said anything so far because I don’t want to make him feel bad but it really kinda of ruins the whole thing for me and so far, he’s pretty consistent. Seriously, like every single time.
So my question is: Do I talk to him about it & ask him to stop or do I just let it go?
Stinkin’ up the Sack

We took a poll around the studio and feel pretty certain that he knows he’s doing it. John even thought he might be doing it as a joke. You’ll only know for sure if you talk to him about it. I think you should bring it up delicately and ask how HE feels about it. If he’s embarrassed, gently suggest some ideas like Gas-X or maybe trying to be intimate AWAY from mealtimes. If he ISN’T embarrassed and, as John suggested, is just doing it to be gross, you might want to find a new boyfriend!

Remember, if you ever need help or just want us to hash out your problem on the air, contact us at: kvilshemail@gmail.com.

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