Yearbook Goof Names Students “Creepy Smile Kid” And “Some Tall Guy”

(Photo by GAMMA LIAISON/Getty Images)

(Photo by GAMMA LIAISON/Getty Images)

An “honest mistake” resulted in yearbooks being published with students being identified in photos as “Creepy smile kid,” “Someone,” and “Some tall guy” at a small high school in rural upstate New York.

According to Huffington Post, Amy Goodell, acting superintendent of Hoosic Valley ISD, says that a “non-intentional, honest mistake” led to members of the track and field team being captioned with made-up names or simple “Someone.” One of the students was even named “Isolation kid.”

Goodell says that parents of the students have been contacted and that corrections are being made.

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50 Shades of Cray 6-10-13


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