Strange Gifts To Give Dad For Father’s Day

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

While you might not want to give Mom a gag gift on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day can be open season for goofy gifts. Before you put a bow on that fart machine or bacon-printed grilling apron, check out some of these awesome gifts to give Dad.

For the Rangers fan, your dad can now have the Texas Rangers’ logo burned into the top of his grilled cheese sandwiches or waffles with theĀ Texas Rangers Waffle Maker and Panini Press Combo.

The summer months can be a trying time for the temperately sensitive. When sticking a leg out of the bed sheets just won’t help, you can get this blanket supporter to prop the bedsheets off dad’s feet. Mom will love this too as it is also great if his toenails scrape the bedsheets all night long.

Dad is the one we always call on to squish creepy bugs that bother us. Get your dad this electrified bug-killin’ tennis racket so he can get that satisfying feeling every time a bug goes ZAP!

Dad will always be our superhero, and now he can wear his own cape! These Superman caped-boxers are just the thing for all of our SuperDads.

Check out more of these awesome goofy gifts for Father’s Day at Huffington Post.


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