Drunk Man Climbs Bridge And Falls Asleep

The top of a bridge looked like a good place to take a nap to a Serbian man who was highly inebriated. Ivan Tolvich, 28, was reported to be so drunk that he missed the pedestrian walkway, scaled 23 feet up the support structure of a bridge, and fell asleep nearly 66 feet above the water below.

The Huffington Post translated the description of the Youtube video above and found that witnesses had called local authorities to come rescue the man who had passed out. It also reports that he slept through the sound of ambulance sirens and the crowd of people gathering below him.

The rescue effort involved carefully securing a safety harness around him to keep him from falling should he be startled awake. Tolvich did finally come to as he was being lowered to the ground.

Remember, friends don’t let friends climb bridges drunk.

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