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Julie’s Review Room: Now You See Me

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“Now You See Me” is about a group of magicians who pull off an illusion and a bank robbery, all at the same time. It stars Jessie Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco who are all performing on their own when they are brought together by a mysterious stranger. Flash forward a year in the future and they have become a wildly successful magic group called The Four Horsemen. It also appears they are robbing people blind through their illusions. Are they simply high class bank robbers or are they using an ancient mystical force to right some serious wrongs?
“Now You See Me” is like a swanky cocktail of Ocean’s 11 and a David Copperfield show. The illusions are fast-paced and creative while the chemistry between the stars crackles. There IS some obnoxious hyperactive camera work and a little overacting from ALL involved, but it kind of works with the shiny world of Vegas magic acts. You are also expected to take some pretty ridiculous concepts as FACT, but the movie moves so fast you don’t even catch them until it’s is over.
“Now You See Me” had me convinced early on that nothing it proposed was going to work. I thought, more than once, “There’s no way they’re going to pull this off,” but “Now You See Me,” does just that, time and time again and that’s why I’m giving it an A-. Like any GREAT magic act, “Now You See Me” convinces you that what it’s attempting simply isn’t possible right, before blowing your mind.

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