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She Mail: Unfriended On Facebook For Movie Spoiler

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She MailJulie Fisk is here to help. If you’ve need advice or want us to hash out a problem on the air for you, let Julie share some of her wisdom.

Here is this morning’s question:

Dear Julie,
A friend of mine dropped me on Facebook and I’m in complete shock over it. Just the other day she posted something about wanting to see the new Star Trek movie and I responded since I’ve already seen it. Well, I guess I gave away one of the key plot points because she responded to my post saying, “OMG, I can’t believe you just told me that! Thanks for ruining the whole movie for me!” I got mad at first but after a while I felt bad so I went back to her page to say I’M SORRY, and she had unfriended me!
I feel kind of bad but don’t you think she overreacted a little? I mean, it’s not like I told everyone that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s Dad right? And what do I do now? Send another friend request?
Captain Kirk Dies

Dear Captain Kirk Dies,

First of all, thanks for giving away that key plot point to US as well. You’re getting pretty good at that.

Friends don’t usually “Unfriend” you for ONE grievance. We suspect that she’s been upset with you for a while over something else because, yes, that’s a minor Facebook infraction. We also don’t think that you need to send another friend request. A friend who drops you over something so small isn’t worth your time. Just move on, find some nicer friends, and FOR GOODNESS SAKES please stop talking about movies. Jeesh!

We got some good calls about getting unfriended on Facebook. Listen!

Remember, if you ever need help or just want us to hash out your problem on the air, contact us at: kvilshemail@gmail.com.

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