Museum Of Broken Relationships Displays Relics Of Past Loves

(Photo by BARBARA SAX/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by BARBARA SAX/AFP/Getty Images)

Everyone has something that they’ve held on to from a past relationship. Maybe it’s your high school sweetheart’s letter jacket, or perhaps it’s jewelry from an old boyfriend. The Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia displays the donated relics of relationships.

Among the items you’ll see is a prosthetic leg from a war veteran who fell in love with the nurse who helped him put the leg on. Another item is the “divorce day dwarf” a woman threw at her ex-husband’s car as he drove away. Another woman gave the cell phone that belonged to her ex, which he gave her so she couldn’t contact him after their relationship ended.

Museum of Broken Relationships

We thought about the items we’ve kept from old relationships. Julie confessed that she still has the Corona t-shirt that belonged to the guy she dated the summer before she went to college. One of John’s girlfriends gave him a golf driver that he still loves. Tony says he doesn’t have any sentimental items, but he did keep a liquor cabinet and a titanium bracelet (that he claims is cursed with bad juju).

Our Relics of Past Loves


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