Adam Levine ‘Hates This Country’ Quote Getting Him Flack

Adam Levine is getting a lot of heat over a comment he made into a hot mic on ‘The Voice’ Tuesday night.

During the ‘saves’ portion of the show, after one of Adam’s singers was saved, Levine said “I hate this country” into a hot mic.   The singer saved was Amber Carrington.  One of 3 of Adam’s singers in the bottom four, with only two of those four singers being saved Adam didn’t seem to agree with the decision to save Carrington over his other singers.

Twitter was outraged with the statement and many took the opportunity to rip Levine.

Levine then took to his twitter account to respond.

You can skip to 1:14 in the video if you want to hear Adam utter the phrase that has him in such hot water.

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