Mom Has Son Arrested For Stealing Her Pop-Tarts

Pop TartWe’ve heard of “Leggo my Eggo,” but this might be a bit too far. A mom in Charlotte, NC had her 13-year-old son arrested and charged with misdemeanor larceny for stealing her beloved breakfast pastries.

Latasha Renee Love, 37, called the police on her son and had him placed under juvenile arrest after she discovered that he’d taken some Pop Tarts from their house without her permission. According to Huffington Post, Love says that she’s had some disciplinary with her son.

However, neighbors are shocked. Neighbor Fred Patrick knows the boy and laughed when he first heard of the arrest.

“He seems real nice to me. I mean, he is real respectful,” Patrick said.

A reporter from local news station WCNC waited two hours to ask the Love why she had her son arrested. Her response was an obscenity hurled at the reporter.

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