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Bully Gets Lesson From Thrift Shop Threads

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

When one woman found out her daughter was bullying another girl at school for wearing clothes bought from a thrift store, she came up with a fitting punishment that ensured her daughter wouldn’t bully again.

“She would take her out on the playground and call her names, and tell her she was a slob and tell her she dressed like a sleaze,” the woman said, according to “Someone not wanting to go to school anymore based off of something that one other little person said to them. I mean, that’s huge, that’s damaging.”

The woman, only identified as Ally, went to the thrift store to pop some tags for her daughter to teach her a lesson. She made the girl wear the thrift store threads to school for two days.

She said that she could hear the other students talking about her while she was wearing the clothes. Lesson learned.

We polled the listeners with their creative disciplining ideas.

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