Your Soon To Be New Favorite Sport: Combat Juggling

Juggling isn’t just for clowns and circus performers anymore. Now Juggling is for athletes. Major League Combat features the sport of combat juggling, which is a combination of dodgeball, tag, and juggling.

Buzzfeed is reporting that juggling enthusiast, Jason Garfield founded the league back in 2010 after several years of planning and preparation. The league has turned a game that jugglers used to play with one another into a formal sport.

The basic idea of the sport is to maintain control of your own juggling clubs while preventing your opponent from juggling. The last juggler standing wins the game.

Players are out when their club hits the floor, one of their clubs is stolen, or they stop juggling for any reason. The sport has a physical side to it as well, light bumping and arm-to-arm altercations are permitted. There are several different variations of Combat Juggling including, Sumo Combat, 360-Degree Combat, Kill the King and Zombie Combat.

The sport has held tournaments in several cities including Brooklyn, Las Vegas, and Quebec (let’s keep our fingers crossed for DFW). Garfield claims that there are 50 regular players that make up ten different teams currently in the league.

According to the MLC website they plan to grow the sport globally by airing coverage of our events on broadcast television. They have made progress in that direction, ESPN streamed the MLC tournament that was held in Vegas last year, you can see the highlights from that tournament in the video above.

What do you think of Combat Juggling? Let us know in the comments below.


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