Jesus Appears In Newspaper Ink Smudge

(Photo by JAVIER BRUSCO/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by JAVIER BRUSCO/AFP/Getty Images)

50 Shades of Cray 5-16-13

Holy headlines!  Joseph McCaffrey was flipping through the pages of The Hour, a Norwalk, Conn. newspaper, when he caught a glimpse of the divine.

There, in the middle of movie showtimes, was an ink smudge that look like Jesus Christ to McCaffrey and his wife. He snapped a photo of the May 2nd issue and sent it to his friends to get their feedback.

“Some see the image, some don’t, but the overwhelming majority said they could definitely see Jesus,” he told the paper. “But, if Jesus is really trying to send me a message, I wish he popped up in the lotto section instead. Does he want me to see a movie?”

Huffington Post has better zoomed in images of Jesus in the ink blot.

Not everyone is seeing Jesus’ face in the image. Where some see the Christ, others see Darth Vader. Tony says it looks like a Rastafarian  and Producer John says it reminds him of the Predator.


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