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She Mail: Prom Date’s Skanky Dress

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(Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

(Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

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Julie Fisk is here to help. If you’ve got an issue or problem that you need some advice on how to deal, let Julie share some of her wisdom.

Here is this morning’s question:

Dear Julie,
My son went to prom recently & took a girl we don’t know very well. They stopped here so I could get some pictures and his date used our bathroom. She was in there quite a while & when she finally came out, she was wearing a completely different dress. One, that was way more revealing than the dress she was wearing when she arrived. We didn’t say anything, just snapped a few pics and then they took off. It’s pretty clear that our house was used as a “changing station!” Now my husband and I are wondering if we should say something to her parents (whom we don’t even know) or just leave well enough alone?
We can’t WAIT to hear what you and Tony have to say about THIS!
Concerned but Mildly Amused Parents

We don’t think that you necessarily need to tell her parents about this. You don’t know her OR them very well so it would probably just be REALLY awkward. You might, however, want to have a conversation with your son about this girl. Why did he choose to take her instead of a girlfriend or a good female friend? (Tony thinks that the Dad was probably only MILDLY concerned about the son’s prom date & probably high-fived him when Mom wasn’t looking!)

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