Students Film Loch Ness-Like Monster

We’ve all heard of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster in Scotland, and maybe you’ve heard of Champ, Ogopogo, Ooly the Oologah Lake Monster,¬†or Josh the Lake Ray Hubbard monster. A group of students in Ireland were filming a college project on Lough Foyle on the border between the province of Ulster in Ireland and County Londonderry in Northern Ireland.

According to, Conall Melarkey and David Lynch were filming their project when something large broke the surface of the water between their boat and another. At first, you’d think it looks mechanical, but then it goes under, leaving a huge wake.

Some of the YouTube comments suggest it could be a whale as there have been whales spotted before in Lough Foyle, an estuary of the River Foyle, has a narrow opening to the North Atlantic. Melarkey says that a friend in the other boat was much closer and said that it wasn’t a whale.

Many are calling the video a hoax to virally promote their film project, however Melarkey calls that… well… malarkey, as their film project is only 2 minutes long and will not be posted on YouTube.

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