Crazy Stories We Believed As Children

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

This morning, Julie came across a story about trees that cry ultra-sonically in distress for water. It reminded Julie about an episode of Twilight Zone where flowers screamed and cried if you plunked their petals. So we thought about the crazy stories we believed as children on into adulthood.

Tony’s dad had parrots and his dad told him that parrots mated through their beaks. It wasn’t until a bird expert called in to set Tony straight about the birds and the bees… as far as birds are concerned.

A few listeners called in with real humdinger stories, but none as hilarious as Danity Bell. Her father told her that she could determine if a baby chicken was a boy or girl by blowing on its bottom. We’ve never heard Tony laugh so hard!

You’ve gotta hear some of these stories!

Crazy Stories We Believed As Kids


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