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Woman Swallows Diamond At Charity Party

(Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

A 80-year-old woman at a charity event in Tampa, Florida claims she accidentally swallowed a diamond.

The 65th annual Fashionollia fashion show fundraiser had put a 1.03-carat diamond in one of the $20 glasses of champagne given to the 280 attendees; the rest had cubic zirconias. Miriam Tucker thought she would drink the champagne down a little before trying to retrieve the precious stone at the bottom of her glass.

Tucker told the Tampa Bay Times, “I thought I’d drink a bit of champagne so I didn’t have to stick my finger so far into the glass. We were laughing and talking when I realized I swallowed it. What a dumb thing.”

She waited until the event was over confess to event organizers.

“She said she swallowed what was in her glass,” jeweler Joy Pierson said, “but as luck would have it, she was scheduled for a colonoscopy in two days.”

Event organizers insisted on getting an x-ray, but the diamond didn’t show up. Tucker informed her physician to keep an eye out for the diamond, and during her colonoscopy, the doctor found and retrieved the gem. The jewelers confirmed it was the diamond, valued at $5000.

Tucker’s son said, “All’s well that ends well.”

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