Man Hurt While Hunting Squirrels With A Bullet Taped To BB Gun

(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

Ingenuity will only get your so far without common sense. William Daniel Lloyd was hungry for something a little different than what was in the pantry. He got a craving for one of the squirrels in his backyard in Gainesville, Florida.

The problem is that Lloyd didn’t have a traditional gun. He had a bullet, but the gun in his possession wasn’t made for bullets. It was, however, made for BBs. According to MSN Now, Lloyd taped a .40-caliber bullet to the end of the BB gun and set off after a squirrel.

Everything backfired when he pulled the trigger, literally. A BB hit the bullet’s primer and made it explode, sending shrapnel flying into his arms and legs. He was sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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