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SheMail: Dealing With “Silent But Deadlies”

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Julie Fisk is here to help. If you’ve got an issue or problem that you need some advice on how to deal, let Julie share some of her wisdom.

Here is this morning’s question:

Dear Julie,

I have a problem that really stinks. You see, I am constantly passing gas in public. It seems to be a genetic condition. My mother has the same problem. We don’t want to be this way, we just can’t help it. It is like our guts are rotten. I assure you that the gas expelled from my body is among the worst you have ever been exposed to, particularly after a couple of beers. I once passed gas in front of my friend’s husband at a bar. He asked if a skunk crawled up my backside and died. He said he lived in a fraternity house for 6 years and he had never smelled anything that unbelievably awful.

Oh, it happens when I’m sober, too. Now fortunately, audibility is not an issue. They are almost always the “silent but deadly” variety. I had to stop exercising in group classes because the crop dusting was so horrific.

After Mexican the other night, my husband said it was the worst he’d ever smelled in 16 years of marriage. It was so bad that he moved to the guest room. If that we’re not insulting enough, MY dog followed him!!
I’ve seen many specialist and their profession conclusion is : You Are Nasty.

Help me, help me!

Stinkin’ like Lincoln!

Rest assured Lincoln because this is a common problem for women. Our struggle with gastrointestinal issues seems to get worse as we age. I suspect you have a food allergy that’s contributing to the issue. Consider your triggers and see if there’s a commonality. I would also recommend keeping an arsenal of antacids or anti-gas meds with you at all times.

Good luck, you wonderful Stinky Thing!

Get some of Julie’s awesome advice by sending us your problems and issues to litefmshemail@gmail.com.

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