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SheMail: How To Boost The Self-Confidence Of Bullied Kids

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(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company)

(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company)

Julie Fisk is here to help. If you’ve got an issue or problem that you need some advice on how to deal, let Julie share some of her wisdom.

Here’s today’s SheMail question:

I have 4 children. My eldest is a senior. She was bullied from 5th grade until I pulled her out to homeschool in 6th grade. She suffers daily still with self esteem issues. A few years ago, the bully’s little brother began to bully my son. I went to the school and little was done again. Eventually he was attacked at school, so I pulled him out to homeschool. Recently my 9 year old came home with problems & is now afraid of school. They all think they are bad in some way and nothing I say makes them feel better. How can I inspire more confidence in my babies? -Helpless Mommy

First and foremost, consider a Family Counselor a Child Psychologist. It would be good for ALL of you to get some help dealing with this. If homeschooling is a viable option for you, go for it but utilize some of the great programs available to homeschooled kids. It’s important for them to be around other kids and to see that they’re really not that different.

I also recommend extra-curricular activities to hone a skill. Something your kids are interested in like music, dance, or maybe organized sports. Martial arts are great for growing confidence and physical strength. It’s important to remember (and remind your child) that school will always have it’s ups and downs. Some times will be more challenging than other because school is like life. You have good days and bad days and you have to learn from both.

Get some of Julie’s awesome advice by sending us your problems and issues to litefmshemail@gmail.com.

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