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SheMail: Dealing With A Friend’s Cancer Diagnosis

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Fisk-Personailty-Icon Julie Fisk
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(Photo by Roberta Parkin/Getty Images)

(Photo by Roberta Parkin/Getty Images)

Julie Fisk is here to help. If you’ve got an issue or problem that you need some advice on how to deal, let Julie share some of her wisdom.

Here’s today’s SheMail question:

Hey Julie, I think I really screwed up. One of my friends has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve been doing my best to be there for her, but she’s kinda blowing me off. Not calling me back or responding to my texts and stuff. I got upset with her on Friday and told her she HAD to keep me posted on everything. I’m pretty scared and need as much info as possible, ya know? I guess I yelled at her because she hung up on me and now she’s not talking to me at all. What do I do? I know she’s upset and going thru a tough time but I need her to keep me up to date. More importantly, how do I get my friend back? — From K.

First of all, send an apology text or voicemail to your friend, even if you don’t feel like you did something wrong. It will open the door & make you feel a little better. I know you’re suffering thru this too, but remember it is HER journey. People react all kinds of weird ways when they get a scary diagnosis. They might withdraw or shout it from the roof tops, but they NEED to process it in their own way. Also, consider setting up a Facebook page to keep friends & family informed but mostly just give your friend the space she needs.

Get some of Julie’s awesome advice by sending us your problems and issues to litefmshemail@gmail.com.

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