Babysitting Rates Across The U.S.

(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Every parent knows that it’s tough to find a good sitter who is available when mommy and daddy want to have a date night away from the kids. In some cases, parents sacrifice money to keep a good but expensive sitter they trust rather than risk leaving their kids with an affordable sitter they’ve never met.

Babysitting website UrbanSitter recently polled 6,000 families in 12 U.S. cities on what they pay for babysitters and nannies to watch their kids. The poll indicates that Dallas families pay an average of $10/hr to babysitters to watch one child. What city has the most expensive babysitters? Surprisingly, it’s San Francisco. Babysitters in the Bay Area charge an average of $14/hr.

Here’s how the cities rank for hourly babysitting rates:

  1. San Francisco – $14.00
  2. New York City – $13.50
  3. Los Angeles – $12.50
  4. Washington, DC – $12.25
  5. Chicago – $12.00
  6. Boston – $12.00
  7. Seattle – $11.25
  8. San Diego – $10.50
  9. Philadelphia – $10.25
  10. Denver – $10.25
  11. Dallas – $10.00
  12. St. Louis – $9.75

By comparison, that $10 an hour you pay Sally Sue to watch your kids on date night doesn’t seem nearly as steep as the $12, $13, and $14 babysitters earn in other cities.

We chatted about babysitters and nannies this morning, and Julie thinks it’s all highway robbery! Listen and see if you agree.

Babysitting Rates


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