6-Year-Old Takes Parents’ Car To Go Pick Up Chinese Food

(Photo by FETHI BELAID/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by FETHI BELAID/AFP/Getty Images)

Hide yo’ keys, hide yo’ car… Another underage driver was busted on a joyride in his parents’ car over the weekend. This time it was a 6-year-old in Michigan who decided that it would be a great idea to take the car and get some Chinese food.

The unnamed boy was spotted by other drivers on the road Saturday morning in Lapeer, Mich. as he attempted to driver his parents’ car. Calls to 911 reported the child driver to police who said guesses at the boy’s age were spot on.

“They told police when they called that it looked like a 6-year-old was driving the car,” Sgt. Andy Engster of the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department said according to UPI.com. “And they were exactly right.”

Police arrived to find other drivers had boxed in the boy and his car, and someone had reached in to remove the keys from the ignition. No one was injured, however, the boy did take out a left turn only sign during his joyride.

The boy told officers that he had taken the keys off the counter at his home because he wanted to go get Chinese food. He also said that he had never driven before nor had he even sat in his dad’s lap to steer the car.

Police called the boy’s dad, who came to pick him up. He says that he had been asleep when the boy snatched the keys; he didn’t even know the boy was gone.

A cautionary tale to parents, hide yo’ keys.


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