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New Channel DogTV Coming Exclusivly For Your Pet

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Rosie Being Very Difficult On "The View," Not Likely To Last.
TMZ is dropping a bombshell, saying that Rosie O'Donnell has become a "malcontent" and is bringing the whole mood down on the set of ABC's "The View." In fact, sources are saying it's gotten so bad that she isn't expected to make it through the season, and another season? Not happening. Check out the full story at TMZ.

There are hundreds of channels for you to tune into now when you are at home, but none for your pet.  DOGTV is hoping to change that.   DirectTV will soon start showing “DogTV” the worlds first channel targeting dogs.

According to the website DOGTV is “scientifically developed and Pup approved.”

This is a first of it’s kind and will only cost you about $6 a month according to Daily Finance.

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