Harry Connick, Jr. Explains What ‘Every Man Should Know’ On New Album

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Harry Connick, Jr’s upcoming album, Every Man Should Know, was fueled by a moment of incompetence.

“I was building a workbench with a carpenter friend and my lack of any knowledge about carpentry left me feeling so inadequate,” Connick said in a statement. “It led me to think about other things that every man should know, like how to change a tire. Then I began thinking about what everybody should know how to do, and that’s to love.”

His new album, due out June 11, comes straight from the heart and Connick taking events directly from his own life. Something he hasn’t always felt comfortable doing.

“I used to be more comfortable writing in a fantasy-style concept, using ideas that intrigued me but didn’t necessarily come from personal experience,” he said. “It’s one thing to assume the role of a storyteller – it’s quite another when the story is your own. I felt ready to explore some of my personal experiences in some of the songs this time around.”

Connick wrote “The Greatest Love Story” for his wife, Jill and even added a little pedal steel guitar in honor of her Texas roots. The song also mentions his late mother, Anita, someone Connick said he “would never talk about… much less write about.”

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