DIFF 2013: “Petunia” Review

(Courtesy of Ironclad Pictures)

(Courtesy of Ironclad Pictures)

Every family has its share of crazy, even the family of psychoanalysts. Each member of the Petunia family struggles within their relationships, whether it’s with the family or their significant others. As the parents struggle with emotional distance in their relationship, each of their three sons are having their own romantic problems.

Petunia has a couple of ties to North Texas. Director Ash Christian hails from Paris and actor Michael Urie is from Plano. Christian confessed during the Q & A at Tuesday’s screening that while the story is pure fiction, the character of the youngest son Charlie is based on himself.

Whether based on real people or not, all of the characters in Christian’s story are relatable to just about everybody. The audience will see pieces of themselves in one if not all of the members of the Petunia family. The whole cast delivers superb performances. Newcomer Tobias Segal shines as Charlie. His endearing performance makes it easy to love him. The story itself is a wonderful tale steeped more in realism than the rose-colored glasses of a Hollywood rom-com. As in real life, there are moments of comedy in the midst of drama.

Petunia is a wonderfully hilarious “dramedy” with that touch of reality that makes it so easily relatable. See the movie and see a bit of yourself.

Review by Leslie Hurst


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