Childhood Traumas That Still Wig Us Out As Adults

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Everyone has something that happened to them as a kid that has forever scarred them. Even as adults, the trauma of whatever happened is still so ingrained in our minds that we will go out of our way to avoid repeating the incident, no matter how irrational we might be. This morning we shared the things we can’t or refuse to as adults and the associated childhood trauma that scarred us.

Tony shared that he won’t do certain business in public restrooms. As a child, he was stuck in a school bathroom during a fire drill. To this day, he’ll hang on as long as he can and wait until he gets home to avoid using a pubic restroom.

Julie fell on an escalator as a little girl. She still hesitates when she has to get on escalators as an adult. Her daughter almost had a similar experience on a recent family trip. Listen!

Childhood Traumas


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