New Hangover Teaser Trailer Hits The Internet

A new teaser trailer for The Hangover Part III has hit the internet.

The finale in the series doesn’t involve a wedding, or a bachelor party. Instead this film opens at the Funeral of Alan’s father.

According to director Todd Phillips this story is a conclusion to the Wolpack’s story. “The Hangover Part III is Alan’s story. He’s going through a crisis after the death of his father, [and] the Wolfpack is all he has,” Philips said, according to NME.

The film will star Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Justin Bartha will return as Alan, Phil, Stu, and Doug respectively. Ken Jeong and Heather Graham will make a comeback to the third film in their supporting roles, and Melissa McCarthy will join the cast for part III of the story.

The film is set to be released May 24th, 2013.


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