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Man Quits Job After Receiving W-2 Numbered 666

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(Photo by MAURICIO DUENAS/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by MAURICIO DUENAS/AFP/Getty Images)

Some superstitions are so strongly ingrained that some people will flee from the very hint of bad ju-ju. Such a man is 52-year-old Walter Slonopas from Tennessee, who quit his job after receiving a W-2 numbered 666.

The W-2 wasn’t Slonopas’ first encounter with the dreaded number. According to Yahoo, the first occurrence was when he first started his job as a maintenance worker at Revstone Corp. He was assigned the number 666 to clock in with; he later managed to get it changed to 668.

However, he was re-assigned the number when the company installed a new clock-in system. He quit his job that time and returned to work after being given a new number.

This latest occurrence is a matter of the order in which the W-2s are sent out, but this time, quitting his job won’t make this number go away. Slonopas still needs his W-2 to file his taxes. He’s seeking a new W-2 with a different number from his former employer.

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