NOT SO SILENT NIGHT TICKETS ON-SALE NOW: 12/15 @ South Side Ballroom featuring Fall Out Boy, James Bay, And George Ezra Visited By The International Space Station

(Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

(Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

Lite FM’s website had some very special visitors to it today. While checking on our weekly web numbers we noticed that had some out of this world visitors. Members of the International Space Station were checking out our website.

Using Google Analytics real time web traffic analyzer we noticed a large population of people visiting the site from somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. When hovering over it the title “International Space Station – Control Room” showed up.


We also noticed that it said there were 41 active visitors from the space station on. Now we aren’t members of NASA but this seemed high. And when we clicked on the circle to see what pages the astronauts were looking at we found out why.


Google pulled a fast one on us.  But hey if anyone from the space station is reading this thanks for the support.

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