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Restaurant Serves Kangaroo Burger

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Paul Kane/Getty Images

Paul Kane/Getty Images

Many people might see it on the menu and shy away from it, but a New York City restaurant is thriving selling Kangaroo meat burgers, sliders and steaks.

is reporting that The Thirsty Koala in Queens, New York is getting rave reviews for their Australian inspired cuisine.   The restaurant is owned by two Americans and one Sydney native.

One of the owners Katherine Fuchs said of the fact they sell more things with Kangaroo meat in it than other meats, “There’s a lot of other meat out there,” Fuchs said. “People are eating elk, they’re eating emu, they are eating ostrich. So why not kangaroo?”

Kangaroo is better for you than traditional beef burgers according to Fuchs.  “It’s much leaner than beef, and it’s got omega-three fatty acids,” delish.com is quoting.

No, I would not eat Kangaroo. Of course this comes from someone who is known as the “picky eater”. I don’t eat Sushi, not big on veggies, and never had key lime pie. The strangest thing I ever ate was turtle…I was tricked into it as a kid by my parents telling me it was chicken. What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten?

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