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Olympus Has Fallen/ The Croods

There are several new movies out this weekend so first let’s take a look at “Olympus Has Fallen” about a terrorist attack on the White House itself.

You’d think that a movie with Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhardt, and Gerard Butler would HAVE to be good but you would be SO WRONG. “Olympus Has Fallen” is schlocky and borderline insulting. Exactly WHY would an unidentified bomber be allowed to fly anywhere, much less into air-space over the White House? Stupid questions like that one just keep piling up. “Olympus Has Fallen” is getting a flat F from me. The only reason to watch it is to catch the brief appearance by local newsman Mike Snyder. Watch for him and then leave immediately.

Also out is “The Croods” starring Emma Stone and Nicholas Cage as a Prehistoric family on the verge of extinction.

“The Croods” vacillates between being a lovely movie about a father/daughter relationship and an obnoxious hyperactive cartoon adventure. Moments of tenderness and humor are often squashed by some loud, 3D-intensive chase scene. This is the latest from Chris Sanders, who also directed one of my personal favorites “How to Train your Dragon.” “The Croods” doesn’t hit the mark the way “Dragon” did, but it does some things very well. I was impressed by the 3D effects and especially with the heroine, Eep Crood. Eep might not be pretty but her athleticism and youthful joy make her sparkle. It’s a refreshing change, after years of Disney Princesses with eyeballs bigger than their waistlines, and Eep’s the main reason I’m giving “The Croods” a B-.

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