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“KABOOYOW” Lady Is The New “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”

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Sweet Brown, you’re time of Internet fame might be coming to end. After a hail storm blew through Houston, Michelle Clark gave her account of her home being bombarded with huge hailstones… complete with sound effects.

“KABOOYOW! KABOOYOW!!” is how Michelle described the sound of the hail hitting the windows of her apartment complex. Her interview is just another in a long line of colorful news interviews that have garnered internet notoriety.

Antoine “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” Dodson, 7-year-old Latarian “I just wanted to do hoodrat stuff with my friend” Milton, and Sweet “Ain’t nobody got time for that” Brown have all gotten a measure of internet fame from their Youtube clips going viral. Sweet Brown has cashed in on her fame by saying her catch phrase in commercials for businesses.

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