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American Eagle To Offer Spray On Jeans?

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Is American Eagle really offering spray on skinny jeans, or is this some sort of elaborate April Fools Joke?

Right now available on the American Eagle Website is a product they are calling the skinny skinny. It is basically a spray paint can that they are calling spray on jeans.

How much is American Eagle charging you ask? $49.95. Yep $50.00 for a product you could pick up at a hardware store for less than five dollars.

American Eagle is calling the jeans the skinniest skinny jeans ever. Adding that they sit low on the waist, contours through thigh, knees, and ankle, feature SkinTight technology, are the most fitted leg opening available, and are available in him and her styles.

The even have a promotional video for the product right HERE.

However we have a feeling that this whole thing is a very elaborate joke by American Eagle, when you click to order the product a prompt comes up telling you that they are sold out.

You can see the product page for yourself right HERE.

What do you think, is this real or a joke? Let us know in the comments below.

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