Woman Accuses Neighbor Of Training Squirrel To Attack Her Flowers

(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

A 78-year-old British woman was recently charged with criminal damage for destroying plants in her neighbors’ garden. What’s strange about this story isn’t the act but the reason the grumpy granny gave for her triade.

Marion Webster, who is known as “the neighbor from H***,” claims that someone is jealous of her prized garden and has trained a squirrel to sneak into her garden and dig up her flowers. In retaliation, she went next door and started destroying the flowers in her neighbors’ garden.

The West Midlands police in England say that this is not an isolated incident. They report that they have received more than 40 complaints about Ms. Webster. Most of those complaints consist of the woman yelling and cussing at neighbors passers-by without provocation.


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