Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Inner Workings Of Her Dress At SAG Awards

Everybody is talking about Jennifer Lawrence after last night’s SAG Awards. Not only is the gorgeous star of Silver Linings Playbook up for an Oscar and won the Best Female Actor last night, but the world is buzzing about her Christian Dior gown and whether or not the bottom ripped.

According to E! Online, Lawrence’s gown was tiered and the separate sections were held together by sheer lining. As she tried to pull up on the front of her dress to ascend the stairs to the stage, she accidentally revealed a sheer portion of the dress. She quickly put everything back in place before accepting her award, but the momentary flash ignited the Twitterverse for the rest of the evening.

Take a look at Jennifer Lawrence’s Christian Dior gown.

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Apart from wardrobe malfunction that didn’t happen, Lawrence was also reported to be sick with pneumonia last night but still showed up to accept her award. It appears the flu she had during the Golden Globes hasn’t quite let go of the Hunger Games actress.


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